• ORARI Awards will be issued to licensed amateurs the world over for 2 x
    PHONE, 2 x CW, 2 x RTTY, mixed or single mode, mixed or single band in
    8Ø, 4Ø, 2Ø, 15, and 1Ø meter band only. SWL Award in the same category
    will also be available. The applicant may request endorsement for such
    distinction accordingly.
  • To be valid, all contact or listening must be made on or after July 9, 1968.
  • Claim must be accompanied by a QSL card list (GCR) furnished with the
    callsigns of stations worked, dates, bands and modes of contact meeting the
    requirements of the award concerned. Rules and requirements will be
    specified, when required, in each of the Award Program.
  • QSL card list must be accompanied by a statement from the applicant’s
    National Society, Club Station, or from any two amateurs other than the
    applicant, that the QSL cards of the contact listed are in the possession of the
    applicant, and that the items of the cards are correctly listed.
  • Fee of US $ 8.ØØ (eight US Dollar only) or 16 (sixteen) IRCs will be
    charged per award and should be sent along with the application to the
    respective Awards Manager.
  • For the Indonesian amateurs, a fee of Rp. 4Ø.ØØØ,- (fourty thousands
    rupiahs) will be charged per award, and valid for Jakarta, Worked All
    Indonesia, Worked the Equator and Pahlawan Awards only.
  • Only contact with land station within the same country will be acceptable.