52 Years ORARI QSO Marathon Party

The 52 Years ORARI QSO Marathon Party is designed to promote Indonesia amateur radio QSO Activities in all mode and all band during the month of 52 Years ORARI Anniversary.

Rules :

√ Activity period :

Beginning at 00:00 UTC July 9 and ending at 23:59 UTC July 31 2020

√ Frequencies :

Any authorized amateur frequency may be used, contact via repeaters and satellites are allowed for credit

√ Modes :

Any authorized amateur mode may be use (Mix = CW, Phone and Digital)

√ General :

Each entrant The 52 Years ORARI QSO Marathon Party must Indonesia Amateur Radio with active IAR, maritime or aeronautical and mobile station not allowed. Power according to permitted regulations

√ Categories :

Single Operator Extra Class, Single Operator Advance Class, Single Operator General Class, Multi operator (Club Station)

√ Scoring :

Each QSO worked is worth 1 (one) point. QSO with DX Station is allowed, duplication same mode and band not allowed.

√ Submissions :

Submissions adif file can be upload via the ORARIAWARD website at https://orariaward.org and the file name is your Call Sign. All scores must be received by August 5, 2020.

Verification :

QSLs are not required.  The operator is expected to claim contacts only from stations the operator has every reason to believe are legitimate, and only to claim contacts in which an accurate two-way exchange was clearly accomplished.  Scores will be adjusted by the committee for claimed contacts with pirates or any station not considered legitimate.  Submissions may be penalized or voided in cases of fraud or poor sportsmanship. Every QSO may be subject to verification by the committee. Decisions of the committee are final.

Plaques :

The 52 Years ORARI QSO Marathon Party will award plaques as follows: highest score in each category

Certificate :

eCertificates are awarded to qualified participants with minimum 100 point is available for download by 31 August 2020 from ORARIAWARD website at https://orariaward.org

Contact Us :

Please contact us if there are problems related to this activity via the form on the website at https://orariaward.org

Gedung Prasada Sasana Karya Lantai 10
Jl. Suryopranoto No.8 Jakarta 10150
E-mail: hq@orariaward.org
Tel. +62 -21- 632 6788

52th O R A R I